Issue 69

Ten leading Thai lifestyle brands awarded the Thailand Trust Mark (T Mark) joined a workshop entitled Road to Shanghai, hosted by the DITP in Bangkok from August 23 to September 13.

“These brands plan to expand their businesses in China. By attending the workshop, they will get insight and advice, which could help them approach their target customers more effectively,” DITP Assistant Director-General, Kathathong Thongyai, said. “We hope they will enter the Chinese market in 2018.” 

The ten brands consisted of: DEESAWAT, PASAYA, 5ive SIS, Mobella, KENKOON (furniture and home decorations) I-SPA (bathroom design); PANPURI, Satira Spa (spa products); ASAVA (designer clothes); and LUCARIS (glass products).

The T Mark symbol guarantees a company’s environmental and social commitment, fair labour practices, and that its products are of the highest quality.