Issue 19

The Deputy Managing Director, Sales and Marketing of Ocean Glass talks to Horizon Thailand about the outlook for glass exports in 2015.

Can you tell us a little bit about Ocean Glass?
Ocean Glass was established in 1979 as a glass manufacturing company with the sharing of know-how from Toyo-Sasaki Glass Company in Japan. The company has manufactured glassware to an international standard since its manufacturing activities commenced in 1982. Ocean Glass is regarded as the oldest glass manufacturing company in the country.


What does the company specialise in?
We offer a range of products, including plates, bowls, glass jars, beer mugs, etc. Apart from manufacturing soda lime glasses, Ocean Glass is the only company in Thailand that can offer crystal glasses, especially wine glasses, which are mainly purchased by affluent clients.

What are your key export markets?
We export mainly to Vietnam and China. Another growing market for us is India.

Are you looking to expand operations throughout ASEAN?
Currently we have representative operations in China and in India. We don’t have any plans to expand our operations in the near future as strengthening our operations in these two countries is the priority for now. Nonetheless, there is a possibility that we might expand operations into Indonesia and Philippines within the next three years.

Issue 18

The President of the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC) tells Horizon Thailand what German companies have to offer its long-term Asian partner.

What benefits does the GTCC offer its members?

The GTCC provides services to German and Thai companies and is the most competent strategic partner and principle intermediary between the two economies with a strong focus on technologies, innovation and sustainable investment. The GTCC supports companies and institutions from both countries in opening up new trade and investment opportunities.

Issue 16

Viseth Singhsachathet, Assistant Managing Director of local fashion brand Jaspal provides a glimpse into the company’s origins and the future of the business, especially with the upcoming AEC 2015.


What made you open Jaspal?
Jaspal was launched in 1972 following the success of its parent-brand Jaspal & Sons Co. Ltd., which specialised in bedding products. At that time, the family-run business wanted to shift focus and saw an opportunity in the fashion industry. We started by importing fashion items from India and later imported fabrics from overseas. However, as trends constantly changed, we decided it was the time to launch our own local fashion label, Jaspal, with its production also being based in Thailand.

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Issue 17

The Former Miss Universe 2005 is now a brand ambassador for Thai cosmetics brand BSC. She discusses what it’s like to work in Bangkok and her plans for 2015.


What make you decide to relocate to Thailand?
What brought me to Thailand originally was the Miss Universe pageant back in 2005. After spending a month here for the pageant festivities, I instantly fell in love with the country, people and culture. During my year as Miss Universe living in New York City, I came back to Thailand five times for work (being a brand ambassador for several companies), and finally decided to move here in 2006 as I was offered a contract with the Singha corporation.

Issue 15

The Managing Partner of Coach-Executives talks about her life in Thailand and work as Co-Chair of the Luxury & LifeStyle Committee, the French-Thai Chamber of Commerce.

What made you settle in the Kingdom?
I have a long love story with Thailand which started back in 2001 when I first came with my family for some holidays. We immediately fell in love with this beautiful country, its kind people, the culture. In 2011, after a long and rich international career spent in different countries, after our last child flew to Europe to pursue her studies, we decided it was time for us to start a new chapter of our lives in Thailand.

You are a Coach, what does that entail?
I am a certified Coach specialising in executive coaching, team coaching, and relocation/career transition coaching. I guide the persons or teams I coach to build a vision, discover and deploy their inner potential and competencies, elaborate wining strategies, move to action so to reach their personal and professional objectives. For about 10 years now, I have been serving international groups and institutions in a variety of industries including the luxury industry, hospitality and tourism sector, heavy industry and am proud to count among my clients a good number of the Fortune 500 and CAC 40 corporations.