Issue 62

Horizon talks to Sasathorn Na Songkhla, managing director of Sabai-arom, on how she develops skincare collections from local ingredients and exports them around the world.

Can you tell us a little bit about Sabai-arom?
Sabai-arom means happy mood. We are a manufacturer and distributor of beauty products under the brand Sabai-arom. Sustainable happiness is at the heart of our business because we want to do meaningful business and deliver products that make everyone happy.

What makes your products special?
We use 100% local ingredients because we believe in the quality of local Thai raw materials. I am a detail-oriented person, all production processes must be carried out carefully, from sourcing materials to manufacturing products and designing the packaging. My team and I travel throughout Thailand to search for the best chemical-free ingredients for our products. We source ingredients from farmers who care about the ecology and their crops, and love what they do. As I mentioned earlier, happiness is the key ingredient of our products, therefore, I want to ensure that everyone in the business chain is happy.

What are your main collections?
Currently, Sabai-arom offers two main product lines: beauty products and home ambience solutions. For beauty products, you can find lotions, soap shampoos and massage oils, while home ambience solutions include aroma reed diffusers and aroma candles. We have more than 10 collections of beauty products with different scents, for example our Divine Mango collection is made from the Mahachanok mango from Lamphun province. It’s full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Our Coconut de Samui collection consists of a variety of products using ingredients derived from coconuts on Koh Samui, which is Thailand’s most famous tourist destination and coconut plantation.

Who are your customers?
Sabai-arom customers are Thais and foreign tourists especially from Asian countries. Currently, our products are available at over 200 branches of Boots retail shops throughout Thailand. About 40% of our products are exported to Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau, and we will soon export to South Korea. Moreover, we have Sabai-arom shops in Japan and Malaysia.

Which awards have you won?
Sabai-arom has been selected and approved by the DITP to use the Thailand Trust Mark (T/Mark), which is the symbol of excellence and trusted quality for Thai products.

How do you see the future of Sabai-arom?
We are continuing to develop our products with more collections and plan to expand to overseas markets. We want to see Sabai-arom become the most popular skincare brand with Thai consumers, and one of the best gifts that foreign tourists can purchase for their loved ones. Sabai-arom also hopes to work more closely with Thai farmers and help the local communities that supply our ingredients.

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