Issue 61

Teerapol Akaratiwa, and Warunya Nuntasunti, managing directors of Least Studio, tell how their company has patented a new formula for rubber materials into lifestyle items.

Could you tell us the story behind Least Studio?
Least Studio was founded three years ago by a small group of Thai designers who share the same passion and design principle. Our refined products combine thoughtful designs with user experiences. With our architectural background, we believe that good design must be functional and create a good user experience.

Can you explain what is special about your cutting mat?
An ordinary cutting mat is durable and self-healing, but its texture and weight are not suitable for our lifestyle products. Therefore, Least Studio and a rubber component factory joined forces to conduct research and develop a new formula for a rubber material, which can be used to produce lifestyle products including handbags, document folders, pencil cases, passport holders and sketchbooks. Our new formula 100% natural rubber cutting mat is lightweight, self-healing, waterproof, scratch-proof and durable, without having a rubber smell.

What makes your products special?
In addition to their standard functions, users can use the products’ surface as a cutting mat. We tested them with a scalpel and it did not scratch or tear.

Who are your potential customers?
Everyone who loves design items are our potential customers. We target customers in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. If the Japanese love and accept our products, it means our quality meets a high standard.

Have you won any awards?
Our folder holder and tablet holder won the Design Excellence Award (DEmark) in 2016 and was selected by the DITP to be exhibited at Design Korea 2016. This folder is made from our special cutting mat and suitable for everyday use.

How has the DEmark Award helped your brand?
DEmark guarantees our outstanding design and product quality. This enhances customer confidence in our products. As a DEmark Award winner, Least Studio has a great opportunity to promote our products at many trade fairs in Thailand and abroad with the assistance of the DITP.

What is the future for Least Studio?
The company plans to extend the product line, probably into furniture, and we may supply this unique cutting mat as the raw material for other producers who are interested in using it for their products. We try our best to create new designs to meet the needs of customers.

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