Issue 57


Horizon talks to Kamol Kantajaraniti, managing director of Mass Accessories about how innovation plays an important role in his business.

Could you tell us the story behind Mass Accessories?
I was in the automotive accessories sector for many years and was looking for a new business, and I realised that an anti-car theft device was the best choice. At that time, I wondered why car owners were searching for additional devices to keep their cars from getting stolen. It inspired me to establish my company in 2005 to produce and distribute anti-car theft devices under the brands Aorto Lock, Locktech and Tonado.

How do your products work?
Our products such as the brake-clutch lock use a mechanical system to control the electronic system (alarm system). When anyone attempts to destroy the devices or cut the lock’s electronic system, it triggers the car horn and people near the car know there may be an unusual circumstance.

Why are your devices better than your competitors’ products?
Innovation plays an important role in my business and makes us survive in this fiercely competitive market. Before developing any device, the company conducts market research to study the consumers’ demand and product preferences. Then, the development process takes around three to five years including researching and developing the devices and product testing to ensure they reach their potential. We have a wide range of product categories to cover all customer demands and budgets.

What are your business strengths?
We develop our own innovations, and register the patent and trademark to protect the copyright in domestic and international markets. This enhances the confidence of our distributors in overseas markets and helps us to expand our business to other countries because people trust our product quality.

Have you won any awards?
The company received the IP Innovator and Creator Awards 2014 in the category of Invention Patent from the Department of Intellectual Property. We have been selected and approved by the DITP to use the Thailand Trust Mark (TTM), which is the symbol of excellence and trusted quality.

What are your future plans?
Now, about 70% of our sales comes from the domestic market and we plan to expand our business into foreign markets, especially in ASEAN countries.

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