Issue 67

Bathroom Design reveals how design and innovation has helped it penetrate overseas markets.

“Design and innovation play crucial roles in our business success,” says Eard Charuratana, managing director of Bathroom Design, a leading manufacturer of bathroom products. “We prioritize research and development (R&D) because we want to offer the best products suitable for the different demands of our customers.”

In addition to developing a range of bathtubs to meet each customer’s particular requirements, Bathroom Design adds value by incorporating modern technology and innovation to its design. This includes I-Command that enables the user to fill the bath via a mobile phone, I-Aroma an intelligent vapor mist moisturizer with aroma scent, and I-Color that offers customers a variety of light shades.

“Our R&D team always asks what kind of bathtubs we need and what our customers may prefer because people from each country or region have different body sizes, bathing styles and preferences,” Charuratana explains. “The Japanese like to lay back and relax in the hot tub. They want a small bathtub with minimal functions while Arabs prefer a large tub, where four people can bathe together.”

Founded in 1996 as a bathroom accessories importer, Bathroom Design started to produce its own brand a few years later. Currently, it manufactures bathtubs and other sanitary wares, exporting its products to over 30 countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Data from the Office of Industrial Economics shows that in 2015 the value of Thailand’s ceramic products exports amounted to approximately US$758 million, about US$170 million of which was in sanitary ware. Major export markets include Japan, the US, China, Germany and ASEAN countries.

“We have a sole distributor in each country, which must be able to support our customers when needed. They must guide the customers how to use the tub as well as being responsible for the tub installation, maintenance and after-sales services in that country,” says Charuratana. “On the global market, we have numerous strong competitors, therefore, our R&D must offer the best products for the target market.”

The company has found several trusted and potential partners by attending trade fairs hosted by the DITP in Thailand and abroad. The company has also won many awards domestically and internationally, thanks to its customer-oriented design and innovation. These awards include Thailand’s DEmark, Japan’s G-Mark and Germany’s Red Dot Design.

“The company aims to be the leader in the innovative bathroom accessories market in the ASEAN region and we will expand our businesses in overseas markets such as Indonesia and the Philippines,” Charuratana says.

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Words by Somhatai Mosika